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Scoop Network is a brand new entertainment channel which gives you 24 hour acces to all the highs and lows in the worlds of film, celebrities, fashion, music and the Hollywood celebrity lifestyle

Every day Scoop Network offers fresh news items and all the scoops in bite size programs for you to binge watch! You won't be bored for a minute. For just €0.49 you can watch Scoop Network for one day, a monthly subscription is only €4.49 or go for the annual option of €49 a year. You choose your device - wether it's a smartphone, a tablet or a computer, Scoop Network is Ready to play, any time, anywhere!

Get ready to register online, choose a subscription, pay safely and enter the wonderful world of Scoop Network: your personal entertainment channel!

Programs on Scoop Network

These programs are available 24/7 on: Scoop Network